The Ensemble

New composers are inspired by their predecessors; conversely, 'old' music often finds new life and resonance by being heard in new contexts, surroundings, and arrangements. Too often 'new' and 'old' are placed in separate boxes, as concert programmes focus too heavily on distinctions of genre, period, and style, rather than allowing pieces of music to talk to each other in new and exciting ways.

Sonant Ensemble aims to break down and challenge these barriers by: 
– programming music from different periods and in different styles together in exciting, provocative combinations 
– working with a range of contemporary composers, instrumental ensembles, and artists in other media (visual arts, dance, drama, architecture) 
– a particular interest in site-specific work (creating a programme fitting to the performance space) 
– Using a solid grounding in music scholarship and 'classical' performance practice as a means, rather than an end. Our members also have experience in different styles of performance (jazz, rock, folk)  
– Opening choral music and performance up to new audiences






Recent highlights include a performance of Cave's 'Bryant Park Mass' at St Paul's Cathedral, and the premiere of Gavin Bryars' 'Beckett Songbook' at the inaugural Happy Days Festival in Enniskillen.